By car

On WAZE, search for : קלאוזנר 14, תל אביב חניון המוזיאונים

Or, press this link

Parking is free for registered conference attendees

(Bring your parking ticket with you to the registration)

By bus

The campus is served by numerous bus routes:

Egged routes: 271, 572, 274.

Dan routes:  7, 13, 25, 54, 127, 24, 289, 6.

Please note that the Tel-Aviv University campus is relatively large, and that the GGE venue is located at the eastern ​edge of the campus (so if for some reason you choose a bus that brings you to the western side of campus, take a 10 -15 minute walk into consideration)

By bike

A beautiful bike road (overlooking the entire metropolitan) leads all the way up to the venue's main entrance, where you can find place to park your bike.

For a map of Tel-Aviv bike roads press here

By train

The Tel-Aviv University train station is located just beneath the GGE venue.

Make sure to exit the station west towards the University (and not east  towards Rokach blvd.), and either catch a shuttle to the Porter school (~1 minute bus ride), or walk (5-10 minutes, including a flight of stairs at the beginning)

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